Amy Johnson

Partner | Developer

 Amy’s career, spanning over a decade, has been marked by remarkable achievements. Her portfolio boasts the successful development of more than 400,000 square feet of Class A self-storage facilities, the construction of over 500 acres of single and multifamily residential units, and the restoration of 250 apartment units within revitalization zones. Her skill set encompasses adeptly managing project-specific financing, capital acquisition, joint ventures, syndications, and tenancy-in-common transactions to name a few.

Prior to her real estate journey, Amy Johnson was a school teacher striving to make ends meet. As she navigated her career path, she ventured into house flipping to supplement her income. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for her remarkable transformation. Today, Amy has established a prominent real estate brokerage in Grand Forks, Utah, and has evolved into a distinguished developer in the industry.

Beyond her impressive accomplishments, Amy Johnson is a devoted advocate for empowering women to achieve financial success through real estate endeavors. Her passion for mentorship and financial empowerment is evident in her commitment to helping other women fulfill their financial dreams through real estate investment. Amy’s influence extends to her participation in numerous speaking engagements across the nation, where she shares her insights and expertise.

Irrespective of an investor’s experience level, Amy is recognized for her inclusive approach, offering guidance and support to both novice and seasoned investors. Her proficiency lies in several critical areas, including Land Acquisition, Entitlement, Capital Raising, and cultivating partnerships to cultivate exceptional investment projects. 

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