Patrick Trahan

Founding Partner | Chief Underwriter

Patrick Trahan is a highly skilled and meticulously detail-oriented engineer whose expertise as a deal analyzer has been honed over the course of his career. Holding a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa, Patrick graduated in 2010 following a dedicated period of undergraduate studies from 2006 to 2010. During his graduate program, he delved into the specialized field of Sound and Vibration Engineering, a knowledge base that he has effectively applied to Y Street Capital’s (YSC) development projects since assuming the role of lead underwriter in 2018. His ability to scrutinize and assess deals has been instrumental in the company’s success. Moreover, his seven-year stint prior to joining YSC provided him with invaluable experience in the realms of business and startups.

Notably, Patrick Trahan stands as a co-founder of Y Street Capital, having established the company alongside Matt Maxsom. His influence extends beyond the company’s operations, as he is a substantial real estate holder with properties spanning Ontario and Quebec. His portfolio comprises multifamily apartments, single-family homes, and short-term rentals. 

Holding the title of Chief Underwriter, Patrick is the driving force behind YSC’s financial structuring. He meticulously constructs proformas tailored to accommodate the development and financing requirements of the firm’s myriad projects. This expertise is not confined solely to YSC endeavors; Patrick also extends these services to consulting clients, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the broader field of real estate.

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