Paul Hanchard

Partner | Operations Director

With over 20 years of distinguished service in the Canadian Forces, Paul Hanchard’s transition into a full-time career in real estate marks a testament to his dedication to excellence. As a partner at Y Street Capital, he plays a vital role as a project manager, effectively merging his extensive military background with the intricacies of real estate operations.


Beyond his project management responsibilities, Paul spearheads the integration of innovative technologies and streamlined systems at Y Street Capital. His forward-thinking approach involves not only identifying cutting-edge technologies but also ensuring their smooth incorporation into the company’s workflow. This role highlights his ability to navigate complexities with precision and foresight, optimizing the company’s operational efficiency.


Paul’s expertise also extends to his investments in multifamily properties across Ontario, showcasing his proficiency as a prudent investor with a keen understanding of the multifamily real estate landscape.


Additionally, Paul is instrumental in facilitating a seamless experience for investors. He assists them in the onboarding process, offering guidance through intricate legal procedures and providing solutions to complex inquiries. His commitment further extends to aiding investors working with their retirement custodians, simplifying the investment process.


In essence, Paul Hanchard’s journey from a distinguished military career to a key role in real estate speaks to his commitment to excellence and innovation. At Y Street Capital, his multifaceted responsibilities include project management, technological integration, investor assistance, and prudent investments – all of which underscore his significant contributions to the company’s success.

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